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My wife and I started Havoc with the idea of creating a fun and friendly guild with minimal drama. So far it has been every bit of that, we feel very fortunate to have such an awesome group of people! While the guild is leveling, we strive to build our numbers and prepare for endgame. With any luck, we will get a guild bank soon! But despite the barebones approach SWTOR took towards guilds, the backbone of a guild is that it is a fellowship of players who enjoy playing the game together. As we get our numbers up, we will have scheduled raids. We will start off with a weekend raid group, and add more raid teams based on demand. SWTOR raid groups can be 8 or 16 member groups which gives us flexibilty. We will keep you up to speed with more details as we get closer. In the mean time group up, learn your classes and most importantly have fun! 
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Looking for a few Good Members, Jan 22, 12 4:06 PM.
We woulld like to know who would be interested in becoming an Officer in our guild. We look to officers to help with recruiting, inviting,scheduling events, maintaining a guild bank(if we ever get one :/),helping with website and so on. We will start off with 2 officers and decide later if we need more. Please contact Aerya or Majortom to discuss further, Thanks! 

Why HAVOC?, Jan 22, 12 3:10 PM.
How did we come with HAVOC? No it's not Heros and Villans Operating Covertly, nor Heros aganist Villans in Organized Crime.  You may think it means Hammer and Anvils Various Occupations Club or Harrisburg Volkswagon Owners Club. Highjack, Assassination and Violent Opposition Consortium would be a good guess if we were a hardcore PVP guild. And no we didn't lift the name from the Trooper mission line :P.
The truth is it is a name that caught our eye in wow many moons ago, hehe!

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